All classrooms have been fitted out to provide students with a stimulating, yet comfortable environment. Each space accommodates for up to 40 students, with junior classrooms further reduced to only 25 students. This has been done to assist the individual requirements of each and every student. Well designed furniture has also been selected for the classrooms with student desks a more superior design when compared to standard desk design. By selecting an alternate design, we have been able to keep in mind the correct and comfortable posture of the students.

Our pre-primary rooms have been equipped and decorated to provide a pleasant and exciting environment which invites children to, not only just attend but, enjoy their experience with fellow children.

Each classroom has been designed with the windows giving excellent amounts of ventilation, as and when required. Interactive whiteboards and projectors are just a couple of technological additions that have been installed into the class rooms. They provide an alternate format to present school curriculum to students, as everyone has a different approach to learning.