Lok Kalyan International School envisions its students to champion the cause of humanity through their lifetime achievements to help make this world a better place to live in.


Our mission is to emerge as one of the best comprehensive knowledge centres committed to transforming young students into globally employable professionals and good human beings. Our path towards achieving these milestones is providing top-quality education to our students and imbibing them with human values and ethics making us the best CBSE School in Gaya. We strive to become an institution of global standards and are on a mission of providing elaborate knowledge and research-oriented teaching methods to ensure that we create brilliant world citizens.


LKIS aims to provide a school community and environment which strives to be

As the best CBSE School in Gaya, we wish to develop :

As architects of future leaders, we aspire to prove ourselves to be named amongst the top CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary Schools in Gaya, Bihar. We are committed to providing an affectionate, stable and supportive family-like environment for students. We wish to ensure abundant guidance to students through regular interaction and regular handholding from faculty members and other staff members of the school.

We aim to achieve excellence and offer the best study options to our students. We offer flexible schooling options to our students including day schooling, weekday boarding and fully residential schooling. To reduce the burden of school bags during normal classes, we share weekly plans with our students so that they only carry few necessary books to the school. Our regular parent-teacher meetings help parents stay connected with the school and understand the progress of their students in class. These reasons and many more combine to make us one of the best CBSE schools in Gaya and takes us closer to achieving our vision.